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  The history has sat down Inderka

«... The Beginning of settlement of village Inderka concerns the end of XVI century.
In this area there were continuous woods in which after defeat of the Kazan khanate there was set of fluent Tatars earlier, especially was fugitives on the Boot-grief which is the biggest height which is near to village Inderka much.
After Russian government in order to avoid attacks on local population, and also on serving people, has allowed to lodge to Tatars on certain place; the Tatars who were in area of Boot-mountain, have found convenient to lodge on the earths where now there is village Inderka. Together with it, some years to this place began to arrive later Tatars from the Penza and Saransk districts ».
Here, for active participation in Livonsky war, Russian government directed Tatars, favouring it ground grounds.
The village some times changed the name:

    • Usmanka, in honour of the first head of the sentry group which has arranged on the most raised district where high pines, patrol observation post grew;
    • Truevsky glade, under the name of streamlet of Truyov;
    • Inderka, from the name of streamlet of Endyrka. To read the full version...